The Benedictine Oblate Journey

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The Benedictine Approach To Life

* Lectio
Traditional lectio divina (prayerful reading of scripture) prepares us to approach our lived experience contemplatively.

* Hospitality
The practice of hospitality opens us to receive God in unexpected ways when we welcome others as Christ.

* Stability
Yielding to God's presence in the givens of life, staying with rather than escaping our experiences, frees us to be fully alive in the now.

* Conversion of Life
Accepting that we are called to continual conversion increases our desire to listen and be faithful to God's call.

What is an Oblate of Saint Benedict?

 Oblates are Christian men or women, lay or ordained, married or single, who seek to integrate the spirit of Saint Benedict in daily life. After a time of preparation as a Novice Oblate, the candidate becomes an Oblate of St. Benedict, affiliates with a specific Benedictine monastic community, and commits to applying in daily life the characteristic monastic principles, following The Rule of St. Benedict,.... by word and example a witness of Christ to everyone: family, friends, neighbors, strangers.

My Journey

 So......I continue my daily father, grandfather, brother, uncle, friend, neighbor, ”wandering Finnish nomad ” as my beloved wife Margaret (RIP 2015) sometimes described me......with a changed perspective about  my continuing journey on this good earth as an Oblate of Saint Benedict, so that “in all things God may be glorified.” 1 Peter 4:11

David L. Neff, OblSB