Saint Camillus Blog (First Post)

Posted by Deacon David Neff, OblSB on

The Camillus Ministry at Saint Mary’s Anglican Catholic Church was formed in 2018 to support lay persons at Saint Mary’s on some important aspects of Christian care-giving to those in need: first, and most important, understanding one’s own faith and prayer life (assessing one’s “Christian Character”), then learning about effective listening and communication skills which, as a Caregiver, would provide appropriate emotional and spiritual support to the person being visited, whether home-bound or in a healthcare facility....always trusting in God’s healing presence.
Many aspects of Camillus Ministry (one-on-one Caregiver to Care Receiver) are relevant to all of us in our life circumstances, whether in a faith community, home or work. The purpose of this Blog is to provide a variety of “tools” which may be helpful and a blessing to you on your spiritual journey – both personal and/or within a faith community.