Pray For The Unborn

Posted by David Neff, OblSB on

Personal Thankfulness

In 1941 a 16-year old single girl who was pregnant made the decision she would not be able to care and provide for her child when born, and insisted Social Services help her find a home for her child at birth. She interviewed a couple who had previously adopted several children, and agreed to the adoption of her baby at birth.

Approaching 8 decades of life on this good earth, I am forever thankful for her decision...I have been blessed.

Please.......Make a choice to give life to a child of God.

P.S.   I do not condone the intentional killing of an innocent  person.

David Neff, OblSB

The Bishops of the Anglican Joint Synods Churches released the following statement on the matter of abortion.We ask all of this with the fervent prayer that every life may be cherished and every person may be recognized as a child of God.


“Laws which legitimize the direct killing of innocent human beings through abortion or euthanasia are in complete opposition to the inviolable right to life proper to every individual; they thus deny the equality of everyone before the law....,.The very right to life is being denied or trampled upon, especially at the more significant moments of existence: the moment of birth and the moment of death.”   Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae