At St. Mary’s we believe in a “from the bottom up” rather than “from the top down” theory of ministry. When a church operates from the top down, the leadership of the church decides what the church will do and then attempts to recruit, cajole or pressure people into doing it. The problem is that the ruling body’s great idea may not match up at all with the gifts and calling of the body.

We believe that the church is the body of Christ and each member of that body has been given particular gifts. The best way to determine what God is calling a church to do is to discover what gifts he has given to the members of that particular body and then encourage the members to use their gifts.

Ministry typically begins at St. Mary’s because someone feels called to meet a need or use their gifts in a particular way. The church then provides opportunity and support for that ministry to take place. When a ministry results from a use of a God-given gift, it inevitably bears fruit.