St. Paulinus, Bishop and Confessor

Posted by Fr. Mason Waldhauser on

Today is the feast of St. Paulinus of York, who died on this day in 644 A.D. He was an early missionary to the Anglo-Saxons, sent by Pope St. Gregory the Great, who had also sent the more well known St. Augustine of Canterbury to Briton a few years prior. Paulinus was consecrated a bishop and made it up to Northumbria where he preached the gospel, converted their king to Christianity, and baptized many, including a woman who was to become a saint, Hilda of Whitby.

St. Paulinus reminds me of a link in a chain. Before him came St. Augustine of Canterbury, who prepared the way, and after him came St. Hilda of Whitby, who was baptized by him and had an impact of her own. Similarly, we ourselves follow in the footsteps of others who have prepared the way for us, and we may perhaps leave an impact on those who come after us.

The verse that jumps out to me from today's lesson is from the Ecclesiasticus reading: "God made him glorious in the sign of kings." Just as God gave him the opportunity to preach the gospel to King Edwin, who knows what opportunities he might give us when we make ourselves available to him.