Urgent Update - March 27th

Posted by Fr. Kevin Bell on

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is an update to Saint Mary's response to the Covid-19 situation.

Yesterday the Governor of the State of Colorado issued an amendment to his "Stay at Home" order. The change matches the order issued by the City and County of Denver regarding houses of Worship.

I was thrilled to learn about the change in this order (thank you, Duke!). The changes we had put in place to comply with Denver‘s order will meet the Governor’s new requirements. This means that we can offer services as we had last week.

We will still try to ensure that we have 10 or fewer people at each service. We will pray the Stations of the Cross tonight at 6:30. Sunday masses will be offered at 7:30, 9:30, 11:00, and again on Wednesday evening at 6:00pm. 

I will have a schedule for Holy Week as soon as possible.

The same general guidelines remain in place. If you are in a high-risk category, please stay home. If you are feeling sick, even with minor symptoms, please stay home. If you stay home, please join us in Spiritual Communion using the link below or the form from the Saint Augustine‘s Prayer Book to stay united with those who are able to be physically present for the Mass:

During this time I strongly urge you to remain constant in your personal prayer, and in praying the Daily Offices (which you are praying in concert with the Anglican church throughout the world).

Some additional resources for "social distancing" worship:

Recommended websites:

Stay safe, use reasonable precautions, and try to stay calm as well. God bless you all.


Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Bell