Coronavirus Update - July 3rd

Posted by Fr. Kevin Bell on

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to all on this Independence Day weekend.

A brief update on worship at Saint Mary’s. David has kindly offered to provide music for a prelude and postlude. We will also begin limited chant at the 9:30 service. We continue to take the proper measures to disinfect surfaces in the common areas, and will continue with reception of the Blessed Sacrament in either one kind or through intinction.

I believe we are at a point where we can gather following the service maintaining proper distance. I recommend that we limit ourselves to coffee, water, soft drinks and the like, and hold off on food for the time being.

I asked that all continue in their prayers for all those afflicted by the virus, their friends and family members, as well as all those who are afflicted by the attempts to contain the virus, including those who have lost jobs and businesses, and those driven into addiction, despair, and suicide. Please pray for peace and calm during this time.

The same general guidelines remain in place. If you are in a high-risk category, please stay home. If you are feeling sick, even with minor symptoms, please stay home. Continue to use social distancing at Mass and that the communion rail.

If you stay home, please join us in Spiritual Communion using the link below or the form from the Saint Augustine‘s Prayer Book to stay united with those who are able to be physically present for the Mass:

Some additional resources for "social distancing" worship:

During this time I strongly urge you to remain constant in your personal prayer, and in praying the Daily Offices (which you are praying in concert with the Anglican church throughout the world).

St. Matthews Church Newport Beach (updates from Bp. Scarlett and streaming services):

Anglican Catholic Church - statement by Archbishop Haverland:

Recommended websites:

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Bell