Coronavirus Update - August 8th

Posted by Fr. Kevin Bell on

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to all. This is an update on our Parish response to the most recent Covid-19 mandates.

The State of Colorado and the City and County of Denver have added to their mandatory mask requirements. The orders have not significantly changed regarding our worship, except that signage is required at the entry ways. Masks are to be worn at all times when entering or moving about inside the building.

The exceptions are:

  • For people who have a medical reason to not wear a mask;
  • People who are hearing impaired and either need to remove the mask to speak, or to have another remove the mask so that lips may be read;
  • Those officiating worship services or speaking publicly;
  • Those who are working in areas not open to the public.

This does leave the Parish (as well as every other public accommodation or place in Colorado) in the unusual situation of being held responsible for mask usage, yet unable (and rightly so, due to HIPPA regulations) to question whether one has a legitimate reason to not wear a mask. We are all responsible adults, so I will assume that if you are not wearing a mask you have a legitimate reason.

This Order is supposed to last 30 days, but it may well be extended.

We will render unto Caesar the signs Caesar demands, and continue to render unto God that which belongs to Him, our bodies, our souls, and our devout prayer and worship. Remember that God is in charge of our lives and our souls, and remain faithful!

Our standard practices will continue. If you are sick, stay home. If you aren’t comfortable being in crowds, stay home. Maintain social distancing when choosing your seat and at the communion rail. The doors to the church will be propped open so that there is minimal contact with surfaces. Surfaces are disinfected between masses. We will greet people following the Mass outside the front doors, so that the Narthex is not crowded and we are in the open. If you stay for coffee, spread out in Founder’s Hall or, weather permitting, out in the yard.

See you in church!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bell